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Prior to 2006, not many people had heard of let alone used Pullmantur Cruises outside of Spain and even then they were not as recognisable a cruise company as they are now.
The company itself has been chartering cruise ships since the 1990’s so what changed that enabled the Spanish based cruise experts to enter the mainstream cruise line industry? Basically they were bought out by Royal Caribbean Cruises and the PR that this brought in addition to Royal Caribbean sending over some of their fleet to Pullmantur meant that the Spaniards were able to expand their profile in the market in addition to their own fleet and holiday destinations.

Perhaps one other reason as to why the company, which was originally based in Madrid, did not gain as much popularity was that it is predominately a Spanish based cruise line and is marketed as such. Indeed, it is this fact that ensured that Pullmantur kept its market base firmly in the Mediterranean however other factors have allowed the company to grow within the Spanish market.

In 2000, Premier Cruises declared bankruptcy and Pullmantur purchased their largest ship, the Oceanic, and then started to run cruise holidays in their own right initially sailing out of Barcelona. In fact, this was one of the first real Spanish only cruise liners as most Spaniards who embarked on a cruise did so on foreign and therefore normally English speaking cruise ships that stopped off in Spain.

Pullmantur has a Fleet of 5 Cruise Ships

Currently Pullmantur has a fleet of five ships: Monarch, Sovereign, Horizon, Empress, and Zenith with 3 of these coming from Royal Caribbean. The takeover by the American run cruise line has been seen as a massively positive move for Pullmantur given that it has not only raised its profile but also allowed it to have a stronger and more equipped fleet and therefore a wider selection of destinations to offer its guests.

In general the cruises are aimed at Spanish speakers due to the fact that it is a Spanish cruise line and the first language is Spanish however, English speaking passengers are welcome and all staff can speak English as a second language, plus all written materials are also in English. The company generally sticks to Europe as a cruise destination however since 2006 they have expanded this to include the Baltic and Caribbean and it is now possible to go on a cruise around South America and the Caribbean Islands with Pullmantur. Pullmantur Cruises have become very popular with their all inclusive concept. With a strong fleet of ships in addition to specialising in Europe based cruises with the option of venturing further afield to the Caribbean and Latin America then it is easy to see why they have grown into a reputable and well known cruise company.

Pullmantur Ships


Year built 1987
Rebuilt 2014
Gross Tonnage 73.592
Length 268,00m.
Beam 36,00m.
Passengers 2,733
Crew 820
Total cabins 1,162
Service Speed 17 knots
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Year built 1991
Rebuilt 2013
Gross Tonnage 73.937
Length 268,00m.
Beam 32,00m.
Passengers 2,766
Crew 780
Total cabins 1,193
Service Speed 19 knots
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Year built 1992
Rebuilt 2013
Gross Tonnage 47,413
Length 208,00 m.
Beam 29,00 m.
Passengers 1,868
Crew 620
Total cabins 720
Service Speed 17 knots
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Year built 1990
Rebuilt 2012
Gross Tonnage 46,811
Length 208,00 m.
Beam 29,00 m.
Passengers 1,354
Crew 642
Total cabins 721
Service Speed 18 knots
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