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Our cruises are a promise. We promise to take you to the places you've dreamt of, iconic harbors and idyllic islands where you'll feel as if you've stepped back into a bygone Greece. We promise to spoil you with our legendary hospitality and our stellar Greek food and wines, to give you the best of Greece with spectacular excursions and special themed events.

In 2015 Louis Cruises gives a name to this promise when we launch Celestyal Cruises. "Celestyal" means "of the stars," "heav- enly" and "divine" – it defines the authentic Greek experience we provide. "Celestyal" honors the Ancient Greeks, one of the first civilizations to use celestial navigation, as does our new logo, which combines two iconic, eternal Greek images: the spiral, taken from seashells, which adorns many of our ancient columns, and the windmills of the Aegean – both have inspired Greeks for millennia. The Celestyal logo evokes the sea, the sun and the wind. It reaffirms our commitment to our Hellenic roots, and to supporting the economy and preserving the environment of each destination we visit.

"Kalimera!" doesn't just mean "good morning," it means "good" in every sense of the word: quality, satisfaction, Celestyal, we live by it. This is why each of our cozy ships feels like a floating hotel where the entire staff knows you by name, where you travel from one incredible experience to the next: a lavish Greek meal, a traditional Greek coffee, a local wine, a special themed event that brings you to the heart of ancient and modern Hellenic culture...and our incredible destinations, of course. Let the warmth of our crews delight you, let our mouthwatering meals and signature cocktails dazzle you, let our special themed events – from wine tastings to live performances by popular Greek singers – enthrall you. Welcome to real Greek hospi- tality. "Kalimera!" We say it, you live it.

In 2014 we were awarded a Gold Award for Contribution to Local and Social Development; we also received two Bronze Awards, one for promoting Greek destinations in 17 countries, the other for the rich Greek culinary experience you'll have with us. The Hellenic Mediterranean is our home – share our passion for it! Say "Kalimera!" to her immaculate beauty, her pine-scented breezes, her blazing sun, the sweet blue hues of her seas...say "Kalimera!" to 10,000 years of paradise. Say "Kalimera!" to Celestyal Cruises.

Celestyal Cruises Ships

Celestyal Crystal

Year built 1992
Rebuilt -
Gross Tonnage 25,611
Length 162 m.
Beam 25,20 m.
Passengers 964
Crew 400
Total cabins 480
Service Speed 21 knots
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Celestyal Olympia

Year built 1982
Rebuilt 2005
Gross Tonnage 37.584
Length 214,50 m.
Beam 28,40 m.
Passengers 1.448
Crew 525
Total cabins 724
Service Speed 21knots
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Celestyal Majesty

Year built 1995
Rebuilt -
Gross Tonnage 40.876
Length 207.00 m.
Beam 27.60 m.
Passengers 1.520
Crew 600
Total cabins 732
Service Speed 17knots
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Η Orange Cruises Hellas, ο πλέον σύγχρονος και εξειδικευμένος ταξιδιωτικός οργανισμός Κρουαζιέρας στην Ελλάδα, με μεγάλη εμπειρία στον τουρισμό και ειδικότερα στον τομέα της κρουαζιέρας, ιδρύθηκε τον Φεβρουάριο του 2013, με στόχο την περαιτέρω ανάπτυξη της Κρουαζιέρας στη χώρα μας.

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