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Things to know before you cruise

Travel documents/ Tickets
What type of attire do I need?
Luggage and hand luggage
Air transport
Port and airport parking
Document check
Security checks
Valuables on board
Cabins and Suites
Cabin services
Fun & Entertainment
Shops and Services
Beauty and Wellness
Meals and Restaurants
How to pay on board
Guests with special needs

Find out what to do before you board.
Cruise vacation is an experience you'll never forget. And we want to help you get the very most out of every moment. So we've put together a few basic tips and guidelines to make sure you've got everything you need for your upcoming adventure.

Travel documents/ Tickets

Your travel agent will supply the following travel documents that will be needed throughout your trip:

  • Cruise Ticket
  • Boarding Form
  • Baggage Tags
  • Flight Tickets (Where Applicable)
  • List Of Purchased Services

Among these travel documents you will also find information on permits and visas, embarkation and disembarkation procedures and emergency telephone numbers. These travel documents are normally ready and sent around 2 weeks prior to departure, once your travel agent has confirmed your payment and once all the mandatory personal details have been added in your reservation through the web check-in or with your travel agent’s help. For further information about the procedures and timing of sending your travel documents, please contact your travel agent.

You can also access the personalized section of the cruise company’s website by entering your name, surname and booking reference number. You will then have access to the following information:

  • Booking Memo Including All Purchased Services
  • Booking Conditions
  • Insurance Conditions (If Purchased)
  • Services Booked
  • Online Tour Order Form (To Be Filled In Only If You Do Not Book Your Excursions Online)
  • Form Authorizing To Charge Your Credit Card For Your Onboard Expenses
  • Information On How To Reach The Ship
  • Information On Parking At The Port Or Airport
  • Other Useful Information

What type of attire do I need?

Cruise Attire - During the day, life on the ship is casual, so, you will be fine with sports clothes, swimsuits, shorts and T-Shirts, anything that makes you feel comfortable. We advise a jacket or light blouse, as most of the areas are air conditioned and room temperatures vary. Most evenings there is a Cruise Casual dress code, but there are some Cruise Elegant evenings one or two nights throughout your voyage, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your more elegant attire. Please note that in main restaurants the following attire is not permitted: shorts, gym shorts, basketball shorts, beach flip-flops, bathing suit attire, cut-off jeans, and sleeveless shirts for men and baseball hats.
Gym Attire - If you plan on using the gym, don’t forget to bring sport clothes and trainers. For health and safety reasons, passengers won’t be allowed to use the gym facilities if not properly equipped.
Beach attire - If you plan to stay at the beach, don’t forget sun lotion, sunglasses, swimsuit. The cruise ship will provide beach towels.
You will also find beach towels around the pool, at the gym, and in your cabin.

Shore excursions attire

Please bear in mind that your choice of clothing for Shore Excursions should respect the particular mentality and culture of your host country. During your land visits, you’d better wear comfortable clothes and shoes, especially if the tour includes a lot of walking. In hot climates, always bring sun lotion, hat and sunglasses. In cold climates, an umbrella and scarf might be handy. Please note that certain religious sites require visitors to wear clothing that covers shoulders as well as knees.

Safety on board - We suggest you wear rubber-soled, low heeled or flat shoes for extra traction while onboard. Please be extremely cautious when walking on wet floor at the decks.

Luggage and hand luggage

Tag - Together with your travel documents you will receive a colored luggage tag, stating your name and cabin number. Please make sure you attach this tag to the handle of your bag/suitcase before leaving it at the baggage drop at the port of embarkation. The cruise staff will deliver your luggage directly to your cabin.
Carry - on Hand baggage
The dimensions of your hand baggage must not exceed 55x35x25 cm, in order to allow it to pass through the x-ray security checks. Valuables, medicines, photographic equipment and delicate items should be carried in your hand baggage, to be available at all times.

Luggage safety

The Company’s (air carrier/ cruise company) liability for loss or damage to Passenger's luggage or property, is limited and specified by International Laws. We therefore recommend a travel insurance plan, if you worry about the safety of your baggage and valuables. The travel insurance coverage reimburses you (up to the maximum in the policy) for the value of lost, stolen, or damaged baggage and the personal effects inside the bag. In case of an incident of loss or damage, you will be asked to fill in an application to the insurance company. Please check the Eligibility Article.

Air transport

Please make sure you comply with the current baggage size and/or weight limitations applied by the carrier. Should you exceed the free baggage allowance limit you will be required to pay overweight bag charges. The contents of your hand baggage must comply with the current regulations of the countries of departure and arrival. The airline and the passenger are responsible for all luggages. The Cruise Company and the Travel Agent cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss. Don’t ever accept to carry luggage or packages from strangers.


You must be in possession of a valid passport and any visas (if required). It is also important that name changes for newlywed wives must be notified to us immediately so that the name stated on the passport matches the name on the ticket. The names on cruise and airline documents must be the same as those shown on passports. Any discrepancies (including nicknames and abbreviated names) may prevent travel and also make insurance policies invalid. Guests should check with their travel agent and/or government authority to determine the travel documents necessary for each port of call. Any guest without proper documents will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued. We recommend that you check your visa requirements with your travel agent or the appropriate embassy at least two months prior to travel. ΝΟΤΕ: Passports and identity cards are kept by the cruise security staff all through the duration of the cruise, so as to report passengers’ details to the port authorities at the ports of call. These documents will be returned to you at the end of the cruise.


Greek citizens with Greek passports that will expire in less than six months may travel on the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), as long as their planned stay in the U.S. has been concluded before the expiration date of their passport. Greek nationals and others from approved VWP countries traveling for business, pleasure, or transit who intend to enter the US for 90 days or less may be eligible to travel using the Visa Waiver Program. The traveler must have a biometric e-passport that is valid for six months beyond the intended visit. You can find further information cat You must have completed the online Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) no later than 72 hours before traveling. ESTA approvals are typically granted for a two-year period or until the applicant's passport expires, whichever is sooner. The approval is good for multiple entries - meaning you may use it for more than one entry into the U.S. ESTA provides validity dates upon approval of the application. The associated $14.00 fee will be charged for each new application. This includes $10.00 collected pursuant to the Travel Promotion Act (TPA) and a $4.00 administration fee. The MRV fee in non-refundable. Obtain a travel authorization through the ESTA electronic system at For more information regarding the Electronic System for Travel Authorization, please visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website at: and the Official Site of the US Embassy in Greece,


At the time of printing, no vaccinations were required for any of our destinations. Since vaccine recommendations and other health precautions often change, according to World Health Organization, we suggest that you consult your doctor, the local public health department or the Centre for Disease Control in time before departure. A malaria vaccination certificate is required from travelers to Kenya and Madagascar.


Embarkation time is when you should arrive at the cruise terminal and is noted in your documents. You are kindly requested to be at the port at least 2 hours before departure. At the port you will be met by the cruise staff, who will assist you with the procedures. For some destinations we can arrange transfers to/ from airport/ port, at special prices. For more information, please ask your travel agent. If you have purchased a transfer with us, you will be taken to your hotel or directly to the airport.

Port and airport parking

The majority of embarkation ports and airports have a special parking service. This service carries a charge and, in some cases, you may also need to book in advance. Detailed information about parking space and rental rates you will find in the travel documents or through your travel agent.
Baggage drop off - On your arrival at the port you should leave your baggage (excluding hand baggage) at the dedicated areas, where it will be picked by the cruise staff and delivered directly to your cabin at no extra cost. You are kindly reminded to label all baggage with the colored tags provided with your travel documents.

Document check

Embarkation begins at the time indicated on your itinerary. Port Authorities will check the validity of your passport or ID card before you board. Once aboard the ship, your hand baggage will be scanned. All passengers must board the ship at least one hour before sailing time.

Security checks

When embarking and disembarking in all ports of call, for the security of all Guests, onboard Security staff will check all people and baggage. Checks are carried out with X-ray machines and metal detectors. To make sure this procedure smooth and efficient, you are kindly requested to cooperate with our personnel. Baggage delivered to the cabins is checked upon embarkation. Kindly check carefully the items listed under the "Baggage" heading that may not be taken aboard the ship. Please avoid purchasing antique weapons, knives, daggers, swords or similar objects during shore excursions, because if any of these objects are found in your possession, ship Security staff will ask you to leave them behind onshore. We would also like to inform you that, in line with the health and safety standards for the company’s Guests, it is forbidden to bring any kind of food or drink on board, in either hand baggage or cabin baggage. The only exceptions are toiletries (e.g. shampoo, bath foam, creams, etc.), liquid medicines, products or foods specifically made for babies, products or foods for certified special diets. The ban includes any food or drinks bought during stopovers in ports. Items purchased on stopovers, that don’t comply with the regulations, will be retained and will be available for collection in onboard designated location on the morning of debarkation.

Valuables on board

The company cannot be held responsible for any loss of money or valuable personal objects (i.e. cameras, videocameras, etc), which are the sole responsibility of the passengers, during the whole cruise. We strongly suggest that you don’t place your valuables in the suitcases or leave them unattended in the stateroom. Cruise ships often have safety deposit boxes where you can store valuables, credit cards, traveler's checks and extra cash. They are available either in the cabin or at the Guest Relations (Purser's) Desk, and usually a nominal fee will apply, except otherwise indicated.

Departure Time - Departure time is when your ship will set sail. We highly encourage you to board no later than two hours prior to the departure time noted in your eDocs, in order to have enough time to complete your check-in at the cruise terminal before boarding (ticket control and boarding). The Online Check-In form must be completed prior to arrival – at least four days before sailing. Check-in will close one hour before departure.


Information on the disembarkation procedure will be given to you directly on board by the Cruise Manager at a special briefing, but it will also be provided at the Today daily program which is delivered to your cabin. The order of disembarkation for other Guests will be established according to the departure times of any transfers and the presence of any organized groups. Please let us know well in advance if you have any individual requirements, by referring to the Help Desk.

Luggage - The normal disembarkation procedure is to set your luggage our cabin before Midnight, the night before you get off the ship. You will be given a certain color luggage tag, which you must put on your luggage before you leave it outside your cabin door on the final night of the cruise. Our staff will collect your luggage and take it to the terminal, arrange it by color group and you will be able to reclaim it in the dedicated areas ashore after disembarkation. We recommend that you keep a small piece of hand luggage with everything you need the following morning (documents, medicines, change of underwear etc.).

Cruise Questionnaire - On the final day of the cruise you will receive a questionnaire asking about the quality of the services provided in your cruise, the staff that offered you their services, and what was your overall impression and enjoyment of the cruise. Your opinions, comments and suggestions are very valuable to us, as they help us to keep providing you with a better service.

Cabins and Suites

Single cabins: Due to limited availability, you are advise to check at the time of booking.

Cabins: All cabins have their own private bathroom (with shower and toilet), air conditioning, satellite TV, satellite telephone and direct telephone for ship calls, minibar, small safe and hairdryer. All the linen you require in your cabin (sheets and towels) is supplied and changed regularly. The bathrooms are supplied with soaps and liquid soap for the shower. Whichever your needs concerning the bathroom or cabin supplies, kindly address your cabin steward, whose name is shown in your cabin.

Suites: Further to the services and features which are common to all cabins, Guests staying in Suites, Panoramic Suites, Grand Suites, Wellness Suites with Veranda and Wellness Suites are guaranteed the following privileges:

  • Priority boarding
  • Special room service
  • Fresh fruit every day
  • Free of charge breakfast in the cabin, Lunch and dinner served in your cabin (on request)
  • À la carte pillow menu
  • Jacuzzi, with toweling bathrobe and slippers
  • Priority in the choice of table and sitting in our restaurants (subject to availability)
  • Opportunity to book shore excursions through your butler

Cabin Temperature Control - The cabin's air temperature is controlled by a thermostat in cabin, so you can warm up or cool down just as you like. Should you need assistance to adjust the temperature of your cabin as desired, don’t hesitate to call the cabin attendant.

Cabin services

Breakfast in the cabin: Continental breakfast from Room Service is delivered to cabins on request. This service may be requested using the doorknob order form provided in the in-cabin directory, from the previous night. Breakfast is free of charge for suites only. Service with extra charges for the others categories

Special Breakfast (*extra charges apply): Some cruise ships offer the option of a rich, special breakfast, in case you wish to celebrate a special occasion (fresh fruits, roses, even caviar, smoked salmon and champagne)! This special breakfast is charged in your cabin account.

Room service - This service is offered all through the day and you can order snacks and drinks for delivery to your cabin 24 hours a day. The menu can be found in your cabin and all you need to do is phone the number next to the telephone. This service is offered with extra charge and your order will be delivered in around half an hour. A 15% service charge will be applied to all wine and drinks purchases.

Interactive TV- Many of the ships TV's feature an interactive TV capability where you can sign-up for shore excursions, check your shipboard (Sign and Sail) account, order room service and pay-per-view movies. Some cruise ships offer PlayStation consoles to rent and use in your cabin.

Daily Newsletter: Every evening you will receive in your stateroom the daily newsletter, which includes the complete schedule of all of the following day’s events, so that you can plan your next day of fun and lots of useful information about the port of call. Make sure you take it with you, even when going ashore, as it has contact numbers and details of embarkation and the ship’s departure time, the time zone of the destination, local information, etc.

Fun & Entertainment

Shows and entertainment - During the day, the ship’s entertainment team will organize various free activities on deck or in the lounges, calling all passengers to join and have fun, either by learning dances, or by taking cooking classes, or by participating in group competitions and team games. In the evening, you can watch shows at the theatre staged by professional artists, or listen to the music in the lounges and dance at the disco. A complete list of all activities is presented in the daily newsletter, so that you can plan your free time as you wish. The entertainment activities are organized by multilingual staff.

Entertainment for children and teens - From morning to evening our experienced staff will keep your children entertained (provided they are independent and toilet trained) giving you plenty of time to enjoy your cruise in peace, and if you wish, also when you go on shore excursions. Some ships offer Children’s Clubs for different age groups: Mini, from 3 to 6 years old; Maxi from 7 to 11; Teen Junior from 12 to 14; and Teen from 15 to 17. Club activities and age groupings may vary by ship and the number of participants. As general rule, there is no child-minding or entertainment service for children under 3 years old.

Art At Sea - Modern cruise ships’ areas (lounges, restaurants, cabins), are very often decorated with exceptional artwork (paintings, sculptures) from renowned artists. Some ships have a Gallery where they organize art auctions at sea, offering passengers the chance to purchase works of art and antiques at discounts off normal gallery prices. Anything you purchase can be custom framed and shipped to your home (service at extra charge).

Library - A cruise is an excellent opportunity to read a good book or two and you’ll find that our library on board is a perfect place for that. There is a library on board with a selection of books in several languages. Opening times are listed in the daily program. Borrowing is free.

Casinos at Sea - On all cruise ships you will find award-winning casino facilities to try your luck at Blackjack, Roulette, poker tables, and slot / fruit machines. Please note that taking photos or filming is not permitted in the casino. According to international law the casino is only open when the ship is at sea and entry is permitted to only those over the age of 18. As a general rule, you cannot charge casino expenses at your Account on board.

Grand Prix Simulator Some modern cruise ships offer you the chance to experience the thrill of driving a real Formula 1 racing car on tracks modeled on the best circuits in the world. You can choose between different circuits and levels of difficulty and monitor your placing and the race information on the screen (service with extra charge).

Cinemas - On board most modern cruise ships there are cinemas, showing the latest releases and blockbuster movies. Some ships also boast a 4D Cinema, where you can enjoy spectacular special effects devised to stimulate all your senses (Cinema 4D service with extra charge).

Golf Simulator - Designed for golfers of all levels, the Golf Simulator is offered on board some cruise ships, with extra charge.

Roller skating track Some modern cruise ships boast a roller skating rink on the outside deck, where you can discover the thrill of skating with the sea and the sky as a backdrop. This service is provided with extra charge.

Shops and Services

Onboard shops - Don’t miss the onboard shops where you can buy a wide variety of quality products, such as perfumes & cosmetics, clothing & accessories, jewels & watches, souvenirs, tobacco and alcoholic drinks. Your purchases can be made at duty-free prices on almost all cruises. The shops are open when at sea.

Photography and Photo Shop - The Photo Department on a cruise ship consists of professional photographers, who are ready to capture your vacation memories the moment you step aboard. From candid family photos and custom studio portraits to pictures of your special events or shore excursions, you'll find plenty of opportunities to strike a pose. Later, you can select and purchase your favorite photos to share. Make the most of your vacation time by ordering your photo packages, while on board because these files will be destroyed after disembarkation. Please note that you are not obliged to purchase these photographs. In some ships you can also get a unique DVD of your voyage, you can ask for your personal canvas wall portrait, buy electronic equipment (cameras, smartphones), even phone cards and post cards.

Internet Point- All modern cruise ships offer Satellite Internet Connection and dedicated Internet Points aboard the ships. Thus, you can surf the web, check and send e-mails, chat online and send greeting cards even while at sea. The service is at extra cost (rates displayed on board) and you pay by using your Cruise Card. Charges will be recorded in your card and paid in the end of your cruise.

Information/Customer Service Desk - The information desk is situated in the ship's main hall and is open 24 hours a day to answer any queries you may have and to change currency or Traveller’s Cheques.

Laundry, Ironing And Dry Cleaning - There is an express laundry, ironing and dry-cleaning service on board, at extra charge. You can fine laundry bags and a price list in your cabin. For safety reasons ironing in the cabins is strictly prohibited.

Deckchairs and sun loungers - Sunbeds are available at no charge to Guests. They cannot be booked, and guests are kindly requested not to occupy deckchairs and sunbeds with personal items during any long absences. Beach towels are available around the swimming pools. These should be returned after use. Unreturned pool towels may be charged to the onboard accounts of guests.

Shore Excursions - Shore excursions are optional and can only be pre- purchased on board the ship, although they may be booked prior to departure (up until approx. 10 days before sailing). They are scheduled to fit in with the ship’s sailing times and take place if a minimum number of participants has been reached. If there are too few people the excursion will be cancelled and payment will be refunded, without any form of compensation. Some tours are very popular (especially in N. Europe) and space is limited, so, we recommend booking well in advance. The price includes transport, a guide in the ports in the languages offered, and entry to museums and monuments, unless otherwise stated in the relevant excursion descriptions. Meals and drinks are not included in the price unless when explicitly indicated. If necessary, the tour schedule and prices may be altered without prior notice by the organizer at any time before the excursion takes place. Some excursions may not be suitable for Guests with mobility problems. The excursions are not refundable. For further details, please see the descriptions of the individual excursions on the cruise operator’s website.

Discount for children and teens - As far as shore excursions are concerned, all cruise companies offer discounts and special rates to families with small children, the amount of which may vary, depending on age group and destination.

Purchases made during port calls - Items purchased during the cruise (rugs, jewelry, merchandise exceeding a certain value, etc.) may be subject to customs duty in the Guest's country of residence or in the port of disembarkation. This amount must be paid directly by the customers themselves in order to clear customs and the cruise company will not be liable for any form of compensation neither is able to estimate the amount payable. We kindly remind you that for safety reasons it is prohibited to carry food and drink that you bought at the ports of call on board the ship. Further information can be found in the section: «Safety control».

Beauty and Wellness

Fitness Centers: on board ships passengers are free to use the facilities (treadmills, weights, Jacuzzi, sauna), at the fitness centers and work out daily (opening times may vary slightly by ship). Some ships offer fitness classes and seminars (yoga and/or Pilates, stretch and relaxation, aerobics/ spinning/ step classes and circuit training) with personal trainers, and at extra charge. Of course you can also do sports outdoors on jogging tracks, basketball/volleyball courts, rock climbing walls or enjoy some sports at extra charge (golf, tennis). Please check the ship’s sports facilities with your travel agent.

SPA and wellness Centers - All modern ships have a wellness centre where you can relax with massages, facial and body beauty treatments, at an extra charge.

Meals and Restaurants

Restaurants - Buffet restaurants offer a mouthwatering variety of international cuisine. Their daily dishes include hors d'oeuvres, first course, pasta, main course (fish, meat), salads, cheese, desserts and ice cream. There are also vegetarian and special dietary menus. Chefs will also surprise you with local specialties that will give you an ethnic “taste” of the ports of call.
Breakfast - You can enjoy breakfast in your cabin (service with extra charge), at the restaurant self service or in the restaurant (free seating arrangements). Early birds can enjoy coffee and croissants at the bar from dawn.
Lunch - At the buffet restaurant or with waiter service in the restaurant (free seating arrangements).
Dinner - At the restaurant with waiter service and your own reserved table, which will be the same throughout the cruise.
Booking a table for dinner- All guests will have a table assigned to them for the duration of the cruise. Please specify at the time of booking any requirements regarding position of number of diners. You will find the confirmation of your reservation in your cabin.

There are two sittings for dinner, at the following approximate times:
– First sitting – 7 p.m.
– Second sitting – 9 p.m.
However, these times are not standard but depend on the season and the cruise itinerary, so please check the time in the daily program that you will find in your cabin. Smoking is prohibited in the restaurants.

Gala dinners and other gourmet events - The gala dinner is a special occasion offering a gourmet menu, an elegant and festive atmosphere and the presence of the Captain and his Staff (subject to availability), thus, elegant dress and suits are a must. During the cruises, you will enjoy numerous special gourmet events, Al Fresco Buffets or barbeque on the swimming pool deck. There are also many themed Buffets dedicated to the ports visited as well as midnight surprises in the lounges. Special menus are also served at Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Special dietary requirements - These can be catered for if requested and agreed on when booking (for diabetics, coeliacs, etc.). At the time of booking, Guests can indicate their special dietary needs - diabetic, gluten- free, low-/no-sodium and low-/no-cholesterol meals, sugar- free and fat-free desserts and kosher meals or other types of allergies/intolerances. To ensure that the service operates efficiently, please reconfirm your requirements with Customer Service when you board.

Club Restaurant s- Apart from the central restaurants where lunch and dinner is included in your cruise package, cruise ships offer a selection of exclusive restaurants, where you can enjoy the gourmet experience offered by the exclusive and sophisticated menus of well known chefs. There is a small charge per person in addition to the cost of the drinks and the 15% service charge.

Wine, alcoholic drinks, soft drinks - Wine Lis t- The ships' wine cellars are always well stocked with different brands of quality wines, chosen by qualified sommeliers to complement our menus.

Bars and Cafés - The modern cruise ships offer a variety of bars, pubs and coffee shops, where you can enjoy a vast array of top-quality Italian and international wines, spirits and soft drinks. There are also several theme bars: in the Wine Bars, you’ll find a selection of fine wines, champagnes and sparkling wines, while the Cognac and Cigar Bars offer an excellent range of spirits and cigars. All purchases at the bars and in the dining room must be settled at the end of the cruise. A 15% service charge will be added to your bill.

Drink s- Alcoholic drinks and beverages (except Tea, coffee and water, Non-Carbonated Beverages*), are not included in the price of your cruise package. You can take advantage of the “special drinks packages” to save money by ordering special wine, mineral water and drinks packages, before departure or when embarking. You cannot consume any drinks bought on shore or from the Duty Free Shop. Alcoholic beverages of any kind purchased in the ship's gift shop will be stored on board and be retained until the end of the voyage. (*Please check out the rules that apply for each company).

How to pay on board

On board transactions - For the passengers’ easier transactions on board, ships have adopted a CASHLESS SYSTEM (with the exception of the casino) and replaced payment through a card system. Aboard the ship you will receive a personal Card which will automatically identify your name on the boarding list. During the cruise you will need to use it when making purchases in the onboard shops and to pay for any extra services (except bets at the Casino’s tables). Using your Card will enable you to enjoy your holiday without needing to worry about having enough cash on you for your daily expenditure aboard the ship. Purchases will be automatically added to your cabin account, which must then be settled at the end of the cruise in cash or by credit card (or cheque). Guests who do not register their credit cards will be asked to provide a deposit to cover their onboard expenses within 24- 48hours of embarkation. The minimum deposit will be 150 euros or 150 dollars per person, depending on the currency used onboard. If onboard expenditure exceeds the deposit, a further deposit will be requested. Total expenditure will be calculated at the end of the cruise and, if applicable, Guests will be refunded what remains of their deposit.

Credit cards - The following credit cards are accepted on board: American Express, VISA and MasterCard (only if validity abroad is indicated on the back). Electronic, prepaid cards and debit cards (e.g. VisaElectron, Maestro, Switch) are not accepted. To make your transactions easier and safer, most ships have introduced a credit card service, for which you may register at the beginning of your cruise. You can also register your credit card using the interactive kiosks or at the Customer Service Desk. This service will allow you to receive your bill in your cabin and, unless you state otherwise, it will be charged to your credit card automatically, subject to daily authorization by the credit card systems. We suggest that you check the details and the credit limit of your card with your bank before departure.

Foreign currencies - Depending on the cruise company and your chosen destination, currency aboard ships is either the Euro or the US Dollar. We remind you that we do not provide credit card cash advances so we suggest you bring sufficient local currency or Traveler’s Cheques for shore excursions. Cash and Traveler’s Cheques can be changed aboard the ship at the Bureau de Change at the Information Desk. Please check out the opening hours that apply in each ship.

Service charge – Τipping
Some cruise companies apply a daily discretionary service charge, which is automatically added per guest per day (for guests three years and older) to the shipboard account for all staterooms and is paid before disembarkation. This charge will be shared as a special bonus among those staff members, including the restaurant staff, stateroom stewards and other behind the-scenes staff, who provide services that enhance your overall cruise experience, thus, providing an incentive for an even higher improvement of these services. There are also companies which allow you to alter the amount that has been charged in your account, according to your discretion. These service charges can be paid in advance of your cruise by contacting our reservations department. Please make sure that you are well informed about the service charges that apply for each different cruise company.

Guests with special needs

Cruise companies wish to satisfy the needs of all those who want to experience a cruise but who have special needs, mobility problems, visual impairments or other disabilities. International regulations require the Company to be aware of any "needs for personal assistance in the case of emergency" (wheelchairs, etc.) of its Guests in order to make the necessary arrangements for the safe stay of the passenger on board. Therefore, you should provide this information, through the travel agent, during the reservation of the cruise and again on boarding. We recommend that guests with special needs travel with a companion. Guests requiring wheelchairs must be accompanied and have their own wheelchair (please advise your travel agent of the dimensions when booking). In some ports, Guests with mobility problems might not be able to disembark, particularly when the ship is moored offshore. All ships have several cabins equipped for disabled Guests.

Pregnancy – The vessels are not equipped to offer assistance in pregnancy and childbirth, in case of for any complications that might occur during the cruise. Therefore, we accept bookings from passengers who have entered the 24th week of estimated fetal gestational age at any time during the cruise, provided they carry along a medical certificate in English establishing their due date and fitness to travel. Pregnant ladies will not be allowed to travel if they have entered the 25th week of pregnancy. Please make sure you carry along all the needed documents.

Animal s- Animals of any species or size are strictly forbidden aboard the ships, with the sole exception of service animals for disabled Guests or needed for psychological support (subject to notification at the time of booking and providing they hold a valid certification from a doctor).

Smoking - Smoking is strictly forbidden in the theatres, restaurants and buffets (indoor areas), corridors, halls, lifts and stairwells. Smokers can make use of the reserved areas in the lounges, while pipes and cigars may only be smoked in designated areas. In order to avoid creating fire hazards, please remember to extinguish cigarettes in the ashtrays provided and never throw lit cigarettes overboard.

Daily news - Providing there is satellite connection, a newspaper with international news is printed and distributed on board the ship.

Children and Infants Policy - We wish to remind you that children under the age of 18 are not allowed to travel unaccompanied on board ships and babies will not be permitted to board if they are less than 6 months old on the first day of the cruise. This minimum age limit goes up to 12 months for transatlantic cruises and cruises of 15 days or more.

Mobile phones: Ships are equipped with advanced cellular communications network via satellite. This network allows you to send as well as receive voice calls, text messages and data services on your personal mobile device. Mobile device service is available for use when the ship is at sea, in international waters and in other areas where such use is permitted. Make sure you check with your service provider for applicable charges before you depart as charges will be billed to you on your regular phone account.

Voltage on board: The power points in the cabins have an alternating current of 220-110 Volts (1200 W) in the cabin. For safety reasons, electrical appliances may not be used in the cabins with the exception of electric shavers; ironing in the cabins is strictly prohibited. Each cabin has a hairdryer.

Anniversaries - A cruise definitely is an exceptional setting to celebrate a special event. Should you need special arrangements (honeymooners and wedding anniversaries), please have your travel agent advise us of your requests at least two weeks prior to your cruise.

Languages on board - English is spoken on most of the ships. Newsletters, information and brochures are also written in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Greek Language - Greek is spoken on board Louis Hellenic Cruises. Some of the companies have at least one Greek-Speaking cruise staff. On Orange Cruises organized groups there is a Greek tour leader on board during the whole period of the cruise. Please check out for the special notes on our website and brochures.

Health/ Infirmaries
All ships have their own modern infirmaries offering first aid and medical care, for a charge. Emergency medications are also available at a reasonable cost. The Medical Center is open at the times advertised in the ship’s Daily Program. Medication to relieve symptoms of seasickness is available free of charge from the Information Desk and the Infirmary. Guests with special needs are kindly asked to make them known at the time of booking. In particular, we advise those on long-term therapies to bring all their necessary medications with them, ensuring that they are accompanied by a description of their contents and dosage. Guests with medical conditions requiring the self-injection of therapeutic drugs or the use of needles are kindly asked to contact their Cabin Steward to request a special container to dispose of sharp medical instruments correctly.

All above information is supplied for your GENERAL knowledge, therefore some points and procedures might defer from company to company.


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Η Orange Cruises Hellas, ο πλέον σύγχρονος και εξειδικευμένος ταξιδιωτικός οργανισμός Κρουαζιέρας στην Ελλάδα, με μεγάλη εμπειρία στον τουρισμό και ειδικότερα στον τομέα της κρουαζιέρας, ιδρύθηκε τον Φεβρουάριο του 2013, με στόχο την περαιτέρω ανάπτυξη της Κρουαζιέρας στη χώρα μας.

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