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A cruise vacation is the ultimate and most enticing reward and acknowledgment of the efforts of stellar employees, partners and clients. Cruising on the modern, floating luxury resorts is the utmost travel experience, which combines high-end accommodation, one-of-a-kind gourmet pleasures, incredible destination variety, exhilarating onboard activities, award-winning entertainment, state of the art conference facilities, event space in every size category and conference rooms loaded with the latest multimedia technology and the highest level of service from a well-trained staff.

Cruises are the ideal choice throughout the year, offering itineraries that combine culture, nature, history, fun, entertainment and creating a unique experience for the participants, who enjoy every minute of the hour, even during their corporate meetings. This is why all the more, organizations and companies choose cruises for meetings, conferences, executive retreats, teambuilding and other special events.

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Η Orange Cruises Hellas, ο πλέον σύγχρονος και εξειδικευμένος ταξιδιωτικός οργανισμός Κρουαζιέρας στην Ελλάδα, με μεγάλη εμπειρία στον τουρισμό και ειδικότερα στον τομέα της κρουαζιέρας, ιδρύθηκε τον Φεβρουάριο του 2013, με στόχο την περαιτέρω ανάπτυξη της Κρουαζιέρας στη χώρα μας.

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